Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mother of all Web 2.0 sites

I started blogging again a few days ago and was looking at all different things or so called 'kits' required to make your site up to date. I had to search or dig(g) through different sites to come up with ideas on how to make your site more viewable. Digg it, are some of the buzzwords that I grasped recently.
After reviewing them slowly, I have now started to adapt to them. Some of the things I've been observing is that all sites required a login with a profile. Could there be just ONE site that will take care of everything for me. I'm tired of creating profiles over and over again !
What we want is a mother of all Web 2.0 components ! Please share your opinions

Monday, November 26, 2007

Paper cards ??

Paper , recycled paper or hybrid? Recently we've seen everyone taking up recycling seriously. A few weeks back I walked to the Publix - a closeby grocery store and I was asked " Paper or plastic"?

World started off with paper and then human beings found that paper meant killing trees and now we are back to paper since plastic has its flaws. The claim - newly made paper is made of old paper ! WiKI has some links

So next time you're at a grocery store ask for paper !

What are other things made of plastic ? Credit cards. I wonder how much plastic can be saved by moving from plastic to paper (???) cards?
Are credit card companies looking for a change .... yet?

Check scan at Bank Of America ATM

As I pulled into the Bank Of America ATM this evening I was amazed at their new ATM technology. I did not have to put my check in an envelope. Thats actually a double bonus for me as most of the time I forget my pen somewhere and gives me a sense of frustration.
The nice thing about the check scan is it shows you the check scanned and amazingly the check value gets put in automatically in the value amount.
This might have been out for a while but not at my other bank - Wachovia. Others out there - therez definitely a lot of innovation still yet to come !
As always keep thinking and be inquisitive.