Friday, May 2, 2008

How to grow Marigold, Vinca, Begonia and Red Kidney Beans

Growing plants in Florida could be easy as well as challenging. We got few "how to grow" plants tips from family members.
Our first experiment with plants started with marigold and Red Kidney Beans.

The first layer in the shoveling process started with some white sand and a lot of white stones. Once we got past that we filled it with some top soil and manure mixture and then followed by healthy marigold plants.
Seeing our neighbors loose their marigolds due to inadequate watering we adopted the care taking approach of watering atleast twice a day.
Red Kidney beans (Rajma) were different. They started with soaking the beans in water for a day and using the oven to let it dry overnight and more and letting it sprout. We used some old pots and planted the Rajma's in them. No developments for the first few days other than some green sprouts. In a few days the Rajmas were up and growing.

Since these grow as creepers we need to think where we can grow them.

Last week we then planted some Vinca and Begonia. The process continues. I will post pictures to note the progress.

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