Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Work visa problems

Over the last few years immigration or visa is a hot topic in the US and getting a work visa or H1b has become increasingly difficult

With the H1B cap reduced to 65000 for the past few years, along with additional 20000 for international students having a degree in the US.

The problem five years ago was getting a job and of course one with H1B sponsorship after a successful completion of graduate school.
Now the problem does not end there. Students normally have a employment authorization document(EAD) to work for a year after their degrees. What after that?

Now an H1b is based on lottery program as the number of applications increase every year much beyond the 65000 cap .

How has this affected studends graduating and starting on a job?
1. How long do they sign the apartment lease? Until their EAD or hope that they are lucky that they scrape through the H1b lottery system
2. Should they invest in a car? Who knows they might have to sell it off as soon as their EAD expires.

Life has certainly become more difficult for international students after graduation..

Friday, January 11, 2008

Tata Nano ! A revolution

Also known as a $2500 car in the US, this car has really grown famous in the last few months. Why $2500 . This translates to 100, 000 Indian Rupees also known as 1 lakh Rupees.
Some quick finds.

Photo: Courtesy Wiki at

Great car with
1) 2 cylinder engine.
2) great mileage ~ 45 mpg.
3) Seats four.

What you do not get
1) Trunk or boot
2) Power steering.

This car will not be available till year end in India. I do not think TATA has plans to export it yet. Though I believe this might be a hit outside as well.

TATA might have used the Apple way of advertising. Demo the product 6-8 months before launch and create a big hype for it.. Probably this one is worth it.

Based on some articles I read I heard that the emission control is better than a motorcycle.
However, does this concept car bring with a lot of traffic with it?

Drawing in 10 mins ?

As a child the most difficult thing for me was to draw a human being: Especially the eyes, the mouth and the face attached to it.
The other day I tried to draw a pair of eyes and I quickly searched into google for
"how to draw eyes", "how to draw human".
I was amazed at how technology has made it easier to do this compared to a decade back when this was much more difficult. A lot of people have actually put up videos on google demo'ing how to draw !
There is certainly some amount of geometry and mathematics involved in the same. Rule of them for the eyes is that the distance between the eyes is almost the same as one eye.
If one wants to draw the frontal view of a human face then first thing to draw is
1) A Circle, well an Oval really.
2) Divide the circle into 2 parts. Eyes lie at the center
3) Divide the bottom half into two and you will draw the mouth/lips just below and above the same.
Shading and proper grip of the pencil is quite important for the same.
More details can be found in google videos....