Friday, January 11, 2008

Drawing in 10 mins ?

As a child the most difficult thing for me was to draw a human being: Especially the eyes, the mouth and the face attached to it.
The other day I tried to draw a pair of eyes and I quickly searched into google for
"how to draw eyes", "how to draw human".
I was amazed at how technology has made it easier to do this compared to a decade back when this was much more difficult. A lot of people have actually put up videos on google demo'ing how to draw !
There is certainly some amount of geometry and mathematics involved in the same. Rule of them for the eyes is that the distance between the eyes is almost the same as one eye.
If one wants to draw the frontal view of a human face then first thing to draw is
1) A Circle, well an Oval really.
2) Divide the circle into 2 parts. Eyes lie at the center
3) Divide the bottom half into two and you will draw the mouth/lips just below and above the same.
Shading and proper grip of the pencil is quite important for the same.
More details can be found in google videos....

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