Friday, January 11, 2008

Tata Nano ! A revolution

Also known as a $2500 car in the US, this car has really grown famous in the last few months. Why $2500 . This translates to 100, 000 Indian Rupees also known as 1 lakh Rupees.
Some quick finds.

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Great car with
1) 2 cylinder engine.
2) great mileage ~ 45 mpg.
3) Seats four.

What you do not get
1) Trunk or boot
2) Power steering.

This car will not be available till year end in India. I do not think TATA has plans to export it yet. Though I believe this might be a hit outside as well.

TATA might have used the Apple way of advertising. Demo the product 6-8 months before launch and create a big hype for it.. Probably this one is worth it.

Based on some articles I read I heard that the emission control is better than a motorcycle.
However, does this concept car bring with a lot of traffic with it?


Ravi said...

Ah it is great headway by TATA, but if car and bikes are same price and more and more people buy cars, where will be get the roads to drive them on from.

Tapan said...

Thats true. First we need to have the infrastructure.

Saee said...

Hey Tapan
Thanks for the picture ..I was wondering what it looked like! :)
Pretty neat and nicely written. :)

Tapan said...

your welcome.