Thursday, July 24, 2008

Valu - the bull

The village 'Kusavde' came to light with the launch of Valu. 'Valu' is a recent Marathi movie directed by Umesh Kulkarni.

The movie is definitely a watch for Marathi movie lovers. This movie gives a glimpse of rural Maharashtra movies starting from the chief of the village to its everyday people.

Valu, also called 'Durkya' is the main hero of the movie who has been a troublemaker for Kusavde.

Atul Kulkarni stars as forest officer. His acting has been good at places but sometimes the use of too much English in his Marathi vocabularly makes one thing is he really a government 'fauuurest' officer.

Some funny scenes of the movie include dialogues by Mohan Agashe stating that even donkeys of the town had participated in the battle of Panipat.

Typical village scenes where things move slowly have also been showed.

Whenever the camera focuses on 'Valu' the music producer has introduced a new tunes which sounds catchy.

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