Saturday, December 8, 2007

Beauty of Bryce Canyon, Utah

Over the last summer I had a chance to visit Bryce Canyon National Park in southern Utah. This park is not one of the most famous ones but a definitely recommended one for one who appreciates beauty.

Located at a height of approximately 8500 ft above sea level this naturally formed wonder can be noted differently by a different pair of eyes.

At a first glance this one reminded me of the movie IRobot where there were approximately 1000s of IRobots standing next to each other.

To my wife it was like a skyline of a big metro like NY City.

To the rest of the world these structures were known as "hoodoos". The formation essentially was a result of rain water and even ice over limestone. Most of the geography in the area from the Grand Canyon to north in Utah is formed by water running over stone.

In the Grand Canyon its the Colorado river cutting through the rocks!

Hiking at the Bryce Canyon was a different experience. It was a steep accent right into the Canyon with the zigzagged road elevating all the way to the bottom of the Canyon. As we reached at the bottom we found that the road was closed as a rock had collapsed blocking off all the traffic. We noticed the mercury rising as we dugg our way into the white sandy/limestoned zigzag route.

Climbing up was not all that bad as we had expected.

The beauty of the amphitheater in Bryce cannot be described by words and only memory captured by our pair of eyes was the closest.

Here is one view captured by our man made eyes. :)

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