Sunday, December 2, 2007

Use Google maps for your convenience

I always wanted online maps to help me show me maps from point A to point B. Well it does today if you know the addresses. What if you knew a point in the map but didn't know the exact postal address of the map. I used to get blocked by this feature not been available in online maps.

Recently I did visit and find that I can right click on an intersection and click "Directions from here".

Then I go to the destination and right click "Directions to here". get the default "fastest" route on this one as expected. As you can tell its 3.7 miles and takes 8 minutes.

Next thing that comes to my mind .. Military Trail is a faster route ( I think) and I want to stop by a grocery store to pick up something. Let me check what google maps thinks of this.
Google maps thinks it will take 0.2 miles and a minute longer. Essentially what I have done here is added the intersection of Lake Ida Road and Military trail as an destination in my route. Likewise we can change to different routes by adding destinations /stops in between to find times for alternate routes that we use to go to the destination.

I found this a good feature and I use it for long distances where I know I have different choices to go from point A to point B.

What do you think?


Kasturi said...

hmm thats cool!

Alien said...

hmm.. good will try it for moscow!!