Saturday, December 15, 2007

Toolbar confusion

Over the recent years the number of companies trying to promote toolbars through which users can enter content to search or navigate has grown exponentially. As seen in the picture I already have 2 toolbars from Google and Yahoo. What this has done is caused the main URL window to lose focus. I will not be surprised for an average non computer savvy user getting frustrated on " Where do I enter the damn web site address?" !

Many of these toolbars look similar and sometimes we get misled by the toolbar. Eg. Google and Yahoo are very similar.
A search on google for "web browser toolbars" yielded tons of toolbars that are available thesedays.
Many of these have come under security vulnerabilities that have become an issue ! Try searching for "toolbar vulnerabilities" and you'll see quite a few.
As pop up blockers have thrived in the past few years I 've noticed the number of pop-ups severely reduced. Will there be a toolbar blocker?

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