Saturday, August 16, 2008

Journey to the center of Earth - review

Brandon Fraser starts in this 3D sci-fi thriller, the journey for which starts on the surface of earth and then lands in an exciting new world at the crust of earth.

The unexplained disappearance of his brother lands Brandon Fraser in this journey to the center of a volcano. In there, along with his nephew and young Hannah they travel through unconquered territories and ride in roller coaster.

Effects of 3D are pretty cool at times with birds and water making their entry with a splash and a sound.

Some science effects and law of physics are applied at different stages to make it closer to a sci-fi.

Imagination its at it best to relate what goes on miles beneath our surface.

Hannah Asgeirsson is good at times but somehow the romance that blossoms miles beneath the surface of earth seemed little awkward.

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