Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Wednesday - review

This in in continuation of my posts on movie reviews. Earlier I wrote a review on a Marathi film Valu and some Hollywoood movie reviews on Gung Ho and Journey to the center of Earth . Must see short Hindi movie covering a different perspective of past decade bomb blasts in India.
The movie is about an incident which happens on a Wednesday. The plot revolves around a common man who makes the entire police department run wih the help of a mobile phone.

Two powerful actors - Anupam Kher and Naseeruddin Shah dominate the show.

The Times of India describes it as "it is an intelligent diatribe against terrorism"

I will not go into details of the movie here as that may spoil the thrill in the movie.

Movie lasts approximately 90-100 minutes with no "item numbers" or songs.

My recommendations:
Acting: A
Story: A
See in a theater: Not neccessary


Anonymous said...

You inspired me to watch this movie. Thanks!

Eeshwari Bollapragada said...

I watched this movie on my DVD and it really is a diatribe as described by a popular newspaper quoted by you. The film is also like a wake up call for a lot many "tribes" of the society, if you know what I mean. Yet there is a subtle violation of ethics which goes unnoticed under the lucrative carpet of a well stitched story. I should say that it is worth a watch, but thronging the theatre is not the least bit essential as you have rightly mentioned. Its entertaining, lets say this too, because at the end of the 100 minutes it left me smiling!
Good review that was, keep writing!